What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a real job, where you learn, get experience and get paid. You will study for a nationally recognised qualification that will allow you to demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to do the job. 

Apprenticeships take between 1 and 5 years' depending on the level of study - and they are an excellent opportunity to combine hands-on work whilst gaining formal qualifications that allow you to develop skills that you will benefit from throughout your working life.

Your employer will not only pay you for doing the job but they will also given you time off work to gain the qualifications necessary to demonstrate that you have the skills required.

There are a range of delivery models and working with your employer, your training provider will guide you in determining which delivery model is most appropriate for you.

What do I need to undertake an Apprenticeship?

Fundamental to undertaking an Apprenticeship is the need to have a job.

If you haven't already secured employment there are a number of places you can look to see if there are any Apprenticeship employment opportunities.

The most popular can be found here:

What does an Apprenticeship comprise?

An Apprenticeship comprises the following elements:

  • Practical Experience;

  • Technical Qualification;

  • Development of English. maths and IT Skills; and,

  • End-Point Assessment.

What levels can I study?

Apprenticeships are available at Level 2 to Level 7.

The level of study will be determined by the job you do and your previous experience.

What are the fees?

An individual does not pay a fee for an Apprenticeship. 

Employers are expected to contribute to the cost of an Apprenticeship, however, how employers contribute depends on the size of the employer.

Larger employers contribute through the Apprenticeship Levy.

There are a number of Government incentives available to employers to encourage the take up of Apprentices.